"We develop trendsetting, relevant positioning technology that helps people and companies find new approaches on how to locate things."

Rönne Reimann, Managing Director & Chairman

About Lambda:4

Lambda:4 was founded in Hamburg, Germany. Lambda:4 was launched with the idea of developing avalanche and SAR rescue systems designed to make alpine sports safer. These positioning technologies have been developed further. Currently they are based on the 2.4 GHz band, enabling reliable and secure positioning for short-range applications such as indoor navigation.

The founder of Lambda:4, Rönne Reimann, started his first tech company in 1987. His last venture was in developing car navigation system technology, which he successfully sold to Harman-Becker Automotive Systems in 2000.

Core competencies

  • Radio location, radio navigation, inertial system navigation
  • Analysis of complex wave fields
  • Measurement of distance and direction with 2.4 GHz technology
  • Implementation on low-cost Bluetooth chips
  • Security, protection against relay attacks
  • Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) and other high-resolution spectral methods
  • Development and calibration of antenna arrays (diversity, phase measurement)

Use case scenarios

Logistics means optimisation. To this end, it is essential to have a general idea of where something is at a specific time and where it is going. In a complex storage environment for example, it is important that requested goods are found quickly.

Parcel/bulk cargo and container management at airports, ports and for rail traffic also represents a great challenge.

To control this system, accurate tracing and localisation of every single unit in the indoor and outdoor environment becomes essential.

The automotive industry has always been one of the most efficient innovation leaders. In Germany in particular, many new technologies are studied and developed with, amongst other things, an emphasis on new or improved safety systems. Entertainment and ease of use also play an important role. The technology can enable cars to recognise when the key is getting closer and which side of the car the key is on. The car can then open the door/boot accordingly. But that’s not all: the technology not only permits convenience features; even more importantly it can safely detect whether a key is in the car or not, thus enabling truly keyless entry use cases.

Installing a lighting system or in general the localisation/mapping of bigger networks during commissioning or maintenance can be very complex.

In wide-area warehouses or big offices, installations of mesh networks with many nodes and sensors can be very time-consuming (i.e. lighting systems), especially if it is necessary to map the installation. With our technology, all nodes and sensors can map themselves and provide the data to easily create a floor plan during commissioning of the network or during maintenance.

Two main factors come into play that make the realisation of the above-mentioned use cases interesting. First cost and secondly interoperability. One of the most cost-effective standard solutions today is Bluetooth Low Energy. BLE is also available in nearly all Smartphones so it is ideally suited as the core technology for these use cases. For its solutions, Lambda:4 therefore focuses on the 2.4 GHz band and actively takes part in the standardisation process of the Bluetooth SIG.

Executive team

Rönne Reimann

Managing Director & Chairman

has been developing embedded software and system solutions for various industries for more than 30 years.

Guido Jeske

Managing Director

contributes experience from various management functions and industries. Many years of cooperation with project and technology responsibility in the field of car navigation systems, P&L responsibility and management positions in a medium-sized company in the shipbuilding industry, as well as in real estate companies.

Arne Bestmann

Product Management

has managed software and hardware projects for more than 25 years, specialises in coordinating interfaces between development and clients, organises participation in competitions and represents Lambda:4 on committees such as the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

We look forward to hearing from you



a short demonstration of the current state of our phase based ranging at the Bluetooth SIG meeting can be found here.


Lambda:4 technology is being used in the AvaRange research project where the internal flow behaviour of avalanches is studied. Lambda:4 devices are used to reliably and accurately locate the AvaNode sensors after the avalanche. For more details about AvaRange visit https://www.avarange.org.


Lambda:4 partners with Denso to develop reliable and secure passive entry systems. For more details see the press release


Launch of our Youtube channel here.
First video is a technology showcase of our phase based ranging for keyless entry systems.


Lambda:4 Beacon prototype Ladybug. First phase based ranging HADM (High accuracy distance measurement) with low cost hardware.


The latest version 5.1 of the Bluetooth Core Spec has been released. It contains two methods for direction finding (AoA / AoD) which have been specified with Lambda:4’s contribution.


case study CAR ACCESS


1st place in Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition with easyPoint


associate member in Bluetooth SIG + member of In-Location Alliance


pilot projects with fire brigades, integration of inertial sensor modules, first tests in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) environments




first prototype Smilla


founding of Lambda:4 in Hamburg, Germany, with several key players of former R&D team of Innovative Systems