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Lambda:4 Entwicklungen GmbH today is a highly innovative research and development lab in the fields of high frequency technology and radio engineering.

Main focus is on the further development of the existing technology for the new application areas.

Lambda:4 Entwicklungen GmbH works closely together with different enterprises and research institutes in Hamburg. As a result, the services it offers range from generating new ideas, planning, technical development and construction up to industrial production and marketing.

Lambda:4 Entwicklungen GmbH works international cross-linked in several standardising organisations on the integration of the existing technology in widely-used industry standards and also on upcoming standards for future products.

The Lambda:4 group consists of eight companies. The further companies of the group are engaged in development, industrialisation and commercialisation of products in individual domains of tracking, with an emphasis on the automotive, security and consumer fields.


Lambda:4 Entwicklungen GmbH
Bugdahnstr. 5
22767 Hamburg

Telefon: (040) 30 99 47-0